Marc A. Joseph, P.A. has defended thousands of clients and prosecuted none. Unlike former prosecutors, I have never worked one day to put someone in jail or prison. I will provide the level of uncompromising legal representation that makes a difference in my ability to help my clients avoid criminal convictions and maximum penalties for the offenses they have been accused of committing.Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa FL

After helping clients over a eighteen year career, I have the experience that can make a difference in your life. Criminal Defense Attorney, Marc A. Joseph has years of experience representing clients in Violation of Probation, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Grand Theft Crimes, Driving while license suspended,Burglary, Robbery, Weapons Charges and more.

Marc A. Joseph, also has years of experience with assault and battery, bench warrants, aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. Marc A. Joseph, P.A.,Tampa criminal defense attorney, provides clients the best defense in the Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee and Sarasota counties. I will fight for your rights!

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Marc A. Joseph, P.A. has a comprehensive understanding of the Florida state statues. Criminal charges are generally separated into two categories: Felony and Misdemeanor offenses.

Depending upon the specific circumstances of your case, you will be charged with one or the other. In some cases involving multiple criminal charges, may individuals may find themselves facing counts of both types of charges.

Felony and misdemeanor charges must be addressed promptly and aggressively by an experience and skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney who understands Florida law and knows the criminal justice system in the Tampa Bay area and the surrounding counties. Many cases have the potential for early dismissal reduced charges or an acquittal when I have the opportunity to immediately get into action.

Remain Silent and ask for a lawyer

Don’t become a victim of overzealous law enforcement officials or prosecutors. If you are arrested, you should REMAIN SILENT! This means do NOT answer any questions asked by the police. Just politely say, “I want an attorney” and contact a criminal defense attorney in Tampa as soon as possible.

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Most people who search for a criminal defense lawyer are not aware of the significant advantage they have when they hire an attorney local to their area. Most criminal attorneys take cases in nearly all courts and counties throughout the state regardless of whether they have any experience practicing there, but a Tampa criminal defense attorney can give you the legal representation you need with an understanding of your local community.

Unlike other legal professionals, a local attorney would be familiar with the courts, the judges and the prosecutors who are likely to be working on your case. It is important you have the best possible chance at success in your case. If you have a defense attorney working on your case who knows exactly what to expect from the prosecuting attorney, your case could greatly benefit. The outcome of your criminal case could result in a drastic and negative change in your life or it could result in little to no change. It is attorney Marc A. Joseph, P.A.’s goal to achieve an outcome that results in the least amount of negative changes to your life and that of your family.

If you have been arrested, do not delay! Charges and convictions can affect your ability to get a job and other areas of your life. I will promptly analyze and evaluate your case to prepare a strong defense to obtain a favorable outcome. If you or your love one is in jail, I will attempt to get you or your loved one out of jail without posting bail or will alternatively argue for a bail reduction. I will keep you informed at all times regarding your case. I will guide you through the confusing process of the criminal justice system.

I recognize that hiring a attorney can be extremely costly and I look to provide my clients with affordable fees and payment plans that can be satisfied. During your free consultation, I will discuss your case in dept and answer any question you may have. You can expect me to provide you with professional and outstanding legal service for your criminal defense. You can call me anytime and If I am unavailable I will return your call you as soon as possible.

Why you should choose Marc A. Joseph, P.A.?

Marc A. Joseph:

Marc A. Joseph, P.A. is known as an aggressive and zealous lawyer who advocates for his clients in all criminal cases, and this alone can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

All of my criminal law experience is in Defening cases, not prosecuting them. I have the experience that can make a difference in your life when your freedom is on the line

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