When people think of a robbery or a mugging, they often think of an armed robbery. This is a situation where an assailant, or group of assailants, attempts to take someone’s property with the use of a weapon. There is a long list of what courts consider to be a weapon. It is important to note that guns and knives are not the only weapons on that list. Anything that is used to threaten someone is a weapon. While this form of robbery is the best known, the most common kind of robbery is strong arm robbery. This is where an assailant, or group of assailants, attempts to take someone’s property with brute force and no weapon. Because there are many interpretations of this law, there can be many instances of false arrest.

If you have been arrested for strong arm robbery, your first course of action needs to be to hire an experienced professional defense attorney. There are so many facts that need to be gathered before the authorities can make the charge stick in a court of law that having your own legal representation is critical. Your defense attorney will piece together the facts that are available and create a defense for your case that will stand up in court. Not every instance of this kind of crime is what it seems to be. Some people can be involved in situations that deteriorate until false accusations start to fly. If you are involved in a situation like that, then you need to get professional representation immediately. To discuss a recent armed robbery charge, call Tampa criminal defense attorney Marc A. Joseph today.

Another rub to the strong arm robbery laws is proving that you were an active part of a group of people that were committing the crime. This can be a common situation where a person who was an innocent bystander gets caught up in the situation and is arrested. If you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you will need a good defense attorney to get you out of your predicament. Once again, the evidence will speak for itself and a good defense attorney knows how to present evidence to a court so that it give the real story of what happened and not the twisted version given by conflicting eyewitness accounts.

Strong arm robbery is a serious charge that requires a good defense from a professional attorney. Your attorney will make certain that your rights are preserved and that your side of the story is presented in a professional manner that will aid in getting you a favorable verdict. If you have been charged with armed robbery in Tampa, criminal defense attorney Marc A. Joseph may be able to help.


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