If you’ve decided to move to a new place, Tampa Bay is a great option. It doesn’t matter what you want to do – if you are looking for some great fun, Tampa bay is the place to be. With affordable housing and some great things to do every day, it does stand out from many other destinations.

So, what’s special about Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay is the perfect place to raise a family! Whether you want to head out for a great picnic with the kids or help them make sand castles on the beach, living in Tampa Bay will certainly add vibrant hues to your life. Everything in the area is well taken care of – smooth public transportation, good schools, safe neighborhoods and most importantly low crime rates.

Wondering what the best places to live in Tampa bay are?

If you’re planning on settling down in Tampa Bay, here are some of the best neighborhoods that you must check out!

1. 1. Historic Kenwood:

If you love history and bungalows than settling down in this area will give you the chance to surround yourself with some structures that go back to almost 1920s. It lies to the west of downtown St. Petersburg and is known to be one of those areas that have a very high number of bungalows.
Raise your family in big, spacious homes that turn out to be a good investment as house prices in Tampa Bay are usually soaring, thanks to the high demand. Occupied by proud owners, there is a festival held in the first weekend of November to celebrate the architectural richness of the area.

2. Downtown St. Petersburg:
Plan on living life the happening way where you are surrounded by posh shopping malls and luxurious restaurants? Then no other place will impress you as much as Downtown St. Petersburg as your residential address. This area has a more urban lifestyle, with high rise apartments and everything close by – reputed schools and colleges, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, museums, churches and everything else you could possibly think of!
You can easily avoid traffic as everything is a stone’s throw away and you can also attend some of the most happening festivals and gatherings with your family! While the house prices can pinch you a bit, living in this area will certainly make your friends turn green with envy!

3. Ybor City:

Immigrants from Spain, Cuba and Italy make up most of the neighborhood, and this is one of the three National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida, thanks to the well preserved cigar factories that make an important contribution to the historical heritage of this area. Although it wasn’t a very suitable residential area, in the last five years, things have rapidly changed. The growing demand for houses in Tampa Bay has led to the development of Ybor City that now harbors good schools and colleges along with providing a safe environment for your family.

4. West Tampa:

Just like Ybor City, West Tampa was mainly dominated by Hispanic and African American immigrants but is a highly diverse neighborhood right now with innumerable Asians and Caucasians who reside here. It has s strategic location – west of downtown and east of West Shore Business District. With several apartments now coming up in the area suitable for nuclear families, several young couples (even those with children) along with senior citizens are now moving out here. Good schools, cultural centers, and hospitals are located in this area along with several restaurants serving local as well as international cuisines.

5. SoHo/Hyde Park:

In the 21st Century, where both the partners are working, the best idea is to live in an area where everything from schools to gyms are all within a walkable distance and that is precisely what you will find in SoHo. Very popular among young working couples, this area is trendy as well as contemporary with a variety of entertainment options for you, your partner and your kids!
At the center of the area lies the Hyde Park Village that houses everything that you can come up with – a garden lined with benches for the kids, health center, movie theaters, fancy restaurants, shopping options, professional service boutiques and much more! And what’s more?! Bayshore Boulevard just falls on the outskirts of the area which is one of Tampa’s most popular roads, frequently visited by fitness enthusiasts!