Tampa Bay is one place that will never fail to surprise! After all being extremely popular with the tourists as well as with the locals, there is something for everyone out here – from lush green golf courses to a happening nightlife to gastronomic delights – you will only keep discovering all the amazing things that life has to offer you! The local communities, businesses and the government have undertaken several expansion plans to make Tampa Bay all the more better.
If you are going to Tampa bay, expect a lot of new things. It isn’t just about new events out there but a whole lot of construction projects that you can check. The developments are many and you surely wouldn’t get bored. So if you’re wondering what is currently cooking out here, buckle up because we have some really good news for you!

1. Tampa International Airport:

Nearly $1 billion have been invested in modernizing and enhancing the Tampa International Airport. The project is currently in to its third and hopefully, final, year of development that has touched several important milestones such as 23 brand new shops and the re-opening of the Taxiway J bridge. Apart from that there will be as many as 69 restaurants to choose from too, and includes cuisines from around the world, fit to every budget.
It is also in the process of constructing a new Sky Connect Train which will connect the main terminal to the parking area along with the newly constructed car rental center, which will consist of around 16 car rental brands and will only be a four-minute journey via the Sky Connect. It is one of the best things to look forward to in the Tampa Bay but it isn’t the only one.

2. Important buildings coming up in Tampa Bay:
You must have heard about the River walk Tower that is expected to complete its construction phase soon. It will be a 52-story building that will be used for luxurious commercial as well as residential purposes and will give you some stunning views of the area. Along with being the first downtown office tower, it is expected to majestically transform the skyline of Tampa Bay. Be it work, shopping, meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks or even your home, the building has something for all of its visitors as well as residents.
It’s not just for work and fun that is being looked into, but an important building like Johns Hopkins All Children’s Research and Education Building is also under expansion that is expected to make remarkable contributions in the field of science and medicine. Once the construction and renovation is completed, the 225,000-square foot center will have educational areas as well as practice centers for the doctors and nurses.

Another major construction that is grabbing all the eyeballs is the Cypress Creek Town Center. This is the area where you will find almost all of your favorite restaurants and fast food chains whipping up your favorite dishes in no time as you sit back and enjoy the beautiful view that will be eager to greet you! Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Longhorn Steakhouse – you name it and it is there. Many outlets have already opened up and are doing excellent business in the area.
For young, working couples, who are thinking of buying a home, a good option will open up when the West shore Village completes its construction phase. Available at affordable rates, couples can buy bigger homes that also provide them with several other facilities and amenities like lap pool, outdoor kitchens, dog washing stations and so on.

3. Transportation and Traffic:
This area is also receiving focus from the local governments where the Florida Department of Transportation unveiled its plan to replace the Howard Franklin Bridge that is currently connecting Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.
The plan is to have the same number of lanes that currently exist but two expressway lanes will be added as tolled express lanes. This bridge will be constructed to the north of the bridge that currently exists so there will be no chaos in traffic during the construction phase. However, after construction, traffic is expected to have an impact as it will be shifted from one bridge to another. Several other important construction and renovation plans are happening in several locations across Tampa Bay to ease the flow of traffic.