The important role of a Tampa criminal defense lawyer begins the moment that he or she is contacted by a client. As one recent Florida news story highlights, criminal defense attorneys are crucial in securing more favorable alternatives to remaining in jail while waiting to appear in court. Recently, a Florida couple was arrested and charged with money laundering, racketeering, and dealing in stolen property. Police allege that the husband and wife duo were selling stolen goods on the internet for a profit. That profit was then filtered into the wife’s campaign for County Commissioner.

The husband claims that he was unaware that the items being sold on the internet were stolen. He also claims that when he realized that some of his business associates were “crooked” he discontinued conducting business with them. The husband admitted to posting items for sale online, and stated that while his wife’s name was on the accounts, she was not involved in the process.

Police allege that the couple was selling healthcare products online for a profit in excess of $100,000. Upon their arrest, a $65,000 bond was posted. The defense attorney representing the couple was able to question the six-figure amount listed by prosecutors, and in turn was able to get the bond amount reduced by $20,000. While $45,000 is still a substantial sum of money, it is more manageable than the higher amount making bond a potentially feasible option for this couple.

As the investigation moves forward, one thing is certain – the prosecution is building a case against all individuals implicated as being involved. One of the important things to remember after being charged with a crime is that the process is complex, and often, takes time to sort out the details. During this time, it is crucial that individuals who are facing accusations of theft obtain proper legal representation.

A skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney can advocate on your behalf to arrange a more manageable bond or bail amount, and will work diligently to negotiate with prosecutors to find a reasonable and agreeable solution for your case. In cases like the one that this Florida couple finds themselves in the midst of, the details of who is involved, and to what extent, are unclear. Media attention surrounding the case clearly implicates both individuals, though it will be up to a court of law to determine the outcome.

Anyone who is charged with theft or other crimes will find that their lives are forever changed. In addition to the difficulties that accompany criminal allegations, there is an element of social stigma attached to the media attention surrounding a case. Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Marc A. Joseph knows how important it is to protect your rights, and your reputation. Contact the office of Marc A. Joseph, P.A. today to start protecting your rights by calling (813) 234-6374 to schedule a free consultation.